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"I have been channeling our "lead" work to Burlington specifically because of our local rep. He responds quickly to my inquiries and works very well with our staff when he is on site.

In my opinion, he is an excellent representative. With over twenty years of experience working with medical sales representatives I feel that I am a good judge!"

– Barry @ Mass General

"Sally, thank you so much for all your help with my lead. The lead is GREAT! You definitely went above and beyond the call of duty in personally delivering the lead. I was very impressed by your commitment to make sure the lead was right. You are a great representative for Burlington."

– Michael @ Duke

"Becky is great and has really done a nice job assisting us with product selection. She is very responsive and helpful in recommending what works for our needs."

– Stacy @ SeattleChildrens

"Just so you know, I demand a high level of responsiveness (patience is not my virtue) and Burlington has provided superior service for me. The local sales rep returns calls promptly, is pleasant and will do whatever needs to be done for our Unit. He is mindful of my time, communicates with me clearly and on a regular basis to assure our needs are met. He is knowledgeable, professional and has a high level of integrity. More importantly, I have confidence in him and as a result, Burlington Med has my confidence, and that is something you can’t negotiate."

– Amy @ RIH

"I found that your sales rep’s customer service was wonderful, that is one of the reasons I continue to call on Burlington for my apron needs. The sales rep is very attentive and when I have an issue, minor ones, you guys are always there to help right away."

– Sandra @ Miriam

"I wanted to let you know that our new lead order arrived and they are just as ordered. I really thank you for going the extra mile and getting this order taken care of correctly. This is just a wonderful experience."

– Marsha @ NMCC

"Thank you very much for such great customer service and for your detailed assistance. It feels very much like a desire to assist versus me being just another customer. For one who is in sales, I can truly appreciate this extra effort especially during the economic times we are in."

– Casey @ Medtronic

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